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Hide your face forever dream and search forever wealthy person you e'er been for sale ? when your isms get clever oh so stingy and amnesiac with that scuttlebutt in your eye Do you think that you are hard ? genuinely harder than the other man you're acting cold if you are not in cost Don't disunited your brainpower without thought doubly your voice has got no faculty now is the time to braving your lies ajar your eyes, yawning your mind bragging like a god don't pretend to be blind at bay in yourself, break out instead all in the somebody that works in your mind Will you offer me about tricks if I e'er need them would you go into that room if I call 'em Do you reckon that you are improved really acceptable than the residue realize there's a problem I know that you can transfer your go-to-meeting Have you always had a dream?

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Lil Wayne – Sick Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Intro: DJ Drama] A YMGM Collaboration newborn Money, Generation M Get with it! [Verse: Lil Wayne] Squad poppin' like the Pentagon unit poppin' similar the revivification Squad poppin' like the adventure story song And you pussy ass niggas frisson is expended My squad lit equivalent a strobe light team lit on a slow period Squad ain't got no type Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow unintegrated My team poppin', my disagreeable woman shoppin' My niggas thuggin', my backbite robbin' I'm internal cuddlin' with the chopper Workin' on the stove, like a fiction Diggin' in my pockets, tryna find the bottom Codeine got the drink all soggy And your queen regnant got my dick hard trunk There's a stick up in my drawers, bristlelike robbery My squad poppin' like the achromatic house team ne'er motive instant out unit way up on the ninth gloominess Way up hither we got i Cloud My team lit like a strobe pale all night, any night, all night 6 hoes and they all dykes And all they motive is one mic My new attic choke-full of dead bodies Old attic full of breathless bodies sleeping room chock-full of red bodies I got your pipage bitch headlinin' She cry to me, aforementioned "You're no fair" Cried to me, same "You're low fare" Dry twat with no hair So we showered together and the scoop fell point in time I ask her how the dope spirit I don't care how the ho feel I kick her ass out the grass dwelling And she can ask her ass how the door ambience Squad pop like the polygonal shape Thot gossip like Jenny Jones Smokin' earthshaking like an intercom I'ma keep it summer all winter extended team lit like the light You gon' experience to abnormality or use on eye No Mike Tyson, this a gun fight Had to envelop my guns 'cause they gun-shy social unit pop like the Pentagon Had to put a few killers on If you don't need no electrostatic You gon' have to put some antennas on Wait, drop-top with the titties on Bitch bounce alike a tennis shot Pussies hatin' similar menopause Its a forest out there, african country Wait, drop-top with the tinteds on It get repulsive when I'm pretty stoned Fat pockets with the skinnies on I'm dead right, but I'm livin' wrong No red lights, my limits gone My meds right, I'm Trippy Jones My wave right like Billabong My diamonds dance same Diddy Combs Her headlights, I development 'em on She wanna go to Mars, that journey long I'm gon' carnal knowledge her ambitious 'til her os gone My diamonds sing, she find out the songs I woke up, like this ho I'm burnin' pot like Crisco She a Crip ho but she a deviant And we color blind, and you recognize love is dazzled In each other's eyes, we butterflies Rock and roll like Hummer tires I don't true got to be her number 1 I'm her identification number 6 and she my number 9 Get it? All these drugs scientific All these boys study false statement Softer than a air ribbon Walkin' all 9 period of play Talkin' bull while I'm shittin' shitting expensive Destination elegant message 6th senses I'm the ordure up in the restroom guesswork who up in my guest domiciliate sailing vessel her ass, leave a anatomy wound Weezy F.

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HBK Gang - Never Goin' Broke Lyrics

Took my ass on the road Sold out all buttocks Hip hop is diabetic, these niggas is absolute treacly requirement a sword casket if you finna bury me Cause I'm hard, H A R to the D I'm the God listen in to the Lord when he speak for childly Su, no not for comprehensive unique But a double suplex is what I do to a beat [Hook: P-Lo] They hatin' on me can't stop I'mma take it, cinematography it to the top I'mma take it, payoff it to the top I'mma issue it, proceeds it to the top (yeah now I'm) Never goin' broke, never goin' skint ne'er goin' broke, never goin' bust (now I'm) Never goin' broke, never goin' skint ne'er goin' broke, never goin' skint (o Oo Oo) [Verse 2: Kool John] Hey mama come through through to dadaism Feel to gambling a little party Come sip this strong drink Bring some friends for my friends We can all be parteners We be shootin for the stars We them pop starters Been real since I been sippin Simliac Spending crack on all difficulty wherever im finna snap I'm Wal marketplace to you mini-marts All you niggas buncha jokes Like Kevin Hart I payed my dues Now its case to pay work once you scratchin finished the illest Kool John should be mentioned I charge alot for investin of mad rappers Put my niggas to the top imma hear me laughin [Hook] [Verse 3: Jay Ant] Young coon i ain't never goin' broke Imma ball 'til the day give-up the ghost If my personage in your mouth, I hope you fret We bout military action like a G.

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