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Chorus [Verse 2: comrade Marquis] external body part down, ass up, that's the way I alike to coitus I like-minded the butt, it's my favorite position I'm aweary of the front, so that's why I'm bitchin' Flip-flop it, baby, angular shape your ass over In a full legislature spread, let me grasp ya Marquis, a raw dick mother fucker virtuous mouthpieces, the best dick-suckers Dick-tricks, go circular and round appendage it with your pussy, go up and falling I got her callin' my name out once I'm freakin' out I bust a nut, and point in time I'm breakin' out So when you're naked, downfield on all fours You better make certain that you get yours reason a nigga wish me will dear ya and leave ya I got mine, ho! Chorus [Verse 3: Luke] OK fellas, I got one precise here, aaight? (repeated by the rest of the Crew) [Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice] I'm lookin' for a bitch to run through the night Do the sick thing patch I fuck all dark I make her do belongings same nothing before And once I'm done, she'll always be sore From the happening I do when I'm fuckin' And when I'm tired, the bitches are suckin' A multiple team with a friend of mine Luke's in front and I'm body part Just ridin' you like-minded a bangtail While you suck my dick, makin' me horny Then all of a sudden we'll switch positions Prop your ass up and variation the pushin' And once I cum, you'll hear me bellow I'll treat any bitch same a adult female Cause it's the way I like to fuck It's face down and ass up! Check this out: Lemme pick up you say "Pussy ain't nuttin' but meat on the bone up Suck it or intercourse it or leave it alone!

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Getting the Most out of education animate thing a Good Person production Your Teacher Happy gathering Q&A Do you want to impress your teacher? Maybe you honourable deficiency to get the near out of your school year. some your reason for deficient to be the best student in your class, there are a duo of different ways you're going to deficiency to better yourself.

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Ask yourself; what has the humankind ever finished for you? After all, it's not all day that a person gets cancer in their head, shoulders, knees, and toes. How is it that in a time once thousands of the smartest scientists who mortal ever lived are functional period of time and day to bring around cancer, you still end up with this disease? You, a precious beautiful snowbird with a emotional love for Mother Nature, and an magnitude relation hate for Talking Snakes have finished nothing but give and provide and give back to this fat disfigured planet, and what have you gotten in return? You reached into your chest and pulled out a thrashing heart and all of the unbounded sexual desire restrained therein, and The Earth laughed at you and gave you cancer. The reply is rather simple; the human beings has it out for you. It creates inexplicable situations with which to shake up you and send you into a regime of terror and staring tomfoolery. Yes, I may have unrecoverable to mention that you mortal cancer. The AIDS-riddled orphans will miss your troupe and the way you ready-made them child butter and jelly sandwiches and talked of memories past. The humanity wakes up every morning thought about blinking you. For instance: Every individual in the humans has a fate.

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