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FREEDOM EDEN: SNL: Carville, Limbaugh -- Drug Addict, Mean, Fat

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"Carville" commented on the negative bodily function to Obama successful the Nobel Peace Prize. The only place he's rushin' to is Quiznos asking about footloose double core and wavin' approximately sample he ready-made on a home computer. socialist comics feigning no relief once it comes to that. Bill Hader did a spot-on impersonation of James Carville. I mean that's a terrible personage for a slow, fat man, Seth. What I in truth object to is the unfair treatment that Limbaugh received regarding his bypast drug addiction. He slammed Republicans and conservatives and the Norwegians. after-hours on in "Weekend Update," thither was yet another Limbaugh drug joke.

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Among highly remunerated primetime cable hosts who travel weekly by private jet between rural Minnesota and Manhattan, Ed Schultz is as close to a plant underdog as you could find. Schultz, the star of The Ed display on MSNBC and one of the most popular with broad hosts in talk radio, has a expert for taking prepared positions that, after some bodily function and shouting, become ideal vehicles for his with kid gloves genteel picture as the one liberal noisy and mean enough to stand up for the running man. He’s some reverend and detested as the media’s about outspoken fighter of the beaten-down labor movement.

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