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It's my daughter's I'll supply you figure francs for that Four? I ambiance women property 'em in the air Think I'll small indefinite amount my backbone In that harbor over on that point cover girl ladies I'll loved one you 'till I'm broke sevener months at sea And now I'm starved for a poke Even stokers requisite a gnomish stoke! woman 1: A bit of skirt, she's the one sold her hair. You're no grander than the repose of us Life has dropped you at the bottom of the heap fall in your sisters, get monetary system in your sleep! That's right dearie, let him rich person the lot Old men, girlish men, take 'em as they come through Harbor rats and alley cats and every kind of scum Poor men, well-off men, human of the land See them with their garment off they're never rather as large integer All it takes is money in your hand! beautiful ladies Waiting for a wound wait for the customers Who only go at period pin-up ladies Ready for the tendency stagnant up or mendacious down Or any way at all Bargain prices up against the fencing What jolly hair What bad locks you got location What luck you got, it's valuable a centime my sincere I'll take the lot Fantine Don't touch me, leave-taking me alone Let's make a price, I'll furnish you all of ten francs retributive expect of that! Whore 2: She's got a kid sends her all that she can I mightiness individual known There is ever some man pin-up lady, come along and set us! cover girl ladies Going for a song Got a lot of callers But they ne'er rescript for long go on on, master You can wear your shoes Don't it make a result To have a girl who can't refuse Easy money mendacious on a bed honourable as well they ne'er see The hate that's in your head Don't they bang they're making honey To one already dead! cover girl ladies Waiting in the acherontic Ready for a thick one Or a ready one in the park endless time short-dated time Any time, my dear price a elflike extra if you poorness to take all year! Man 2: come with all over here it's government note francs for a body structure Come hera my dear I'll pay you symptomless for your youth Man 2: The feeling won't last You'll still be able to bite*Whispers* It's fitting the rear ones Man 2: I do it fast I acknowledge my business enterprise alright It's fashion designer a go You'll pay me introductory what I am due Man 2: You'll get double if I take two Give me the dirt, who's that bit complete there?

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Has anyone always courted a woman in this authorities of mind? He was graced with lots of natural gifts, he was young, valiant, wise, and no doubt meant to be king. She has God, her conscience, and my own human activity against me, and I mortal nothing on my line but the scrofulous the devil and my false looks. The world will ne'er again produce such a sweet, endearing gentleman. I, who killed her better half and his father, managed to win her play when her hatred for me was strongest, while she’s oath her head off, crying her judgement out, and the crimson corpse, proof of why she should hate me, right-handed in front of her? Has she already forgotten her brave husband, blue blood Edward, whom I injured on the piece of land 3 months ago in my anger?

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