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We have been inactivity for three decades and finally in modern 2010 north american country got its first taste sensation of Panera Bread. But a taste perception is really a tease and nobody likes getting teased, particularly us Canadians. We aren’t exit to just sit back and wait, we are going to do thing more or less it...are effort to........still thinking...really sure what we can do so until we hold a advisable plan, or Panera Bread decides to put ring on our fingers, we will be waiting with the one who is loving us now (you know who you are Timmy!

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My wife, my daughter and I were payment holidays in Blanes, kingdom of spain this June. It's a shame that it was almost the end of our vacations once we got to know about Boadella not far from lloret de Mar. after my wife had been nagging me to go there for quite a while we in the end constitute ourselves on the beach.

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