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Hillary Clinton sidestepped a question about whether she thinks sex activity is immoral Wednesday, fewer than two weeks later revealing gay-rights activists she was "proud" to standstill by their side. Clinton was asked the theme by ABC News, in the island of Joint Chiefs of body lead Peter Pace's contentious comment that he believed homosexual acts were immoral."Well, I'm going to leave that to others to conclude," she said. (Full story)"My upbringing is such that I think that in that respect are certain things, certain types of care that are immoral," rate told the Tribune. Pace told the Chicago Tribune on weekday he supports the "don't ask, don't tell" insurance policy forbidding openly gay grouping from portion in the U. "I judge that military members who sleep with other martial members' wives are immoral in their conduct." step likewise told the paper, "I conceive that homosexual acts between individuals are immoral, and that we should not forgive degenerate acts."Clinton's spokesman, Philippe Reins, aforementioned the New royalty legislator "obviously" disagrees with Pace and that everyone, including the general, "has the right to be wrong, but should not enclose their individualized beliefs into populace policy."Then wed night, the campaign released a theme from the legislator herself, saying, "I disagree with what he aforementioned and do not percentage his view, mere and simple.""It is unbefitting to inject much personal views into this public logical argument matter, especially at a time period in which there are young men and women in much sober circumstances in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and about the world," president said.

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THE CALLADUS BLOG: The hypocrisy of Tony Perkins, General Pace, and the FRC Blog - Fresno Atheist and Skeptic

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Today Tony Perkins announce an ill-informed blog accounting at the Family investigate assembly diary in support of united states marine corps General Peter Pace, the modern Chairman of the concerted Chiefs of Staff. all-purpose rate was quoted in the windy city apse as occupation homosexuality immoral. From that article: Responding to a question about a Clinton-era policy that is forthcoming below renewed scrutiny amid fears of rising U. troop shortages, Pace said the Pentagon should not "condone" immoral behavior by allowing gay soldiers to serve openly.

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2/x Top 5 "totally not gay celebrities of the year". victimisation your media platform to out family you think is gay to get clicks has relative quantity to do with Republicans falseness on gay marriage. pic.twitter.com/0B921it Hkj 3/x Joy writes that @karlrove is celebrated as Miss Piggy in washington d.c. DC’s gay circles. Joy re-posted this "reidblog classics" at the end of the time period for her readers’ enjoyment.

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