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She’s been trying for a baby for five years, but on March 8, Alexis Stewart‘s imaging of being a mom at length came genuine when she welcome her daughter, Jude, via gestational surrogate. “I’m happy, but this has been rough.” And how: since deciding she was ready for a sister in her late 30s, Stewart, 45, has seen various doctors and at one factor was spending up to $27,000 to each one month for IVF procedures and an additional $6,000 for medications. John Zhang at Manhattan’s New someone Fertility Center, Stewart was capable to cut back on the drugs and bring down her series defrayal to about $5,000 for treatments. “This is my otherwise job that I don’t talk about,” says the throng of the Sirius radio show Now that she’s a mom, the direct and no-nonsense dugald stewart is self-satisfied to botch 3-month-old Jude — but in a definitely ungirly way. “I took ice sport lessons all season so I can skate with her,” she says.

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Martha Stewart's Daughter Alexis Tells All In New Book | HuffPost

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The each day Mail got its hands on excerpts of the book, and the revelations are not pretty. You mightiness guess that she grew up with attractively handcrafted allhallows eve costumes; Christmas presents shrink-wrapped with silk, satin, and meshwork bows, placed low a pristine tree; the perfectly poised epicure tuna salad in the fridge. According to the girl of America's favorite perfectionist, that was all for show. allhallows eve nights were spent lustreless and dark as Martha insisted they pretending "they were not home" to deflect any enthusiastic trick-or-treaters.

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Alexis Stewart, Savannah Guthrie Clash In Awkward 'Today' Chat (VIDEO) | HuffPost

Savannah Guthrie had a amazingly contentious chat with Alexis Stewart, girl of Martha actor (and author of a recent book which made headlines for its revelations more or less Alexis' noted mother) and Stewart's co-author and former friend, Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. Not just that, on that point were two different segments, both of which were equally awkward. During the first interview, Guthrie asked philosopher about whatever of the statements she wrote in the book, including that she "grew up with a glue gun pointed at [her] head" and that she had to be "perfect." thespian responded that the fact was alleged to be "funny" and that "everyone can sort peculiar stories up about their families." Martha Stewart in public supported the new book, disdain the seemingly individual revelations.

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