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This venomous, pretty, rough-scaled, arboreal serpent is also known as the common chief executive viper and the unaged shrub viper. Since the mintage is remarkably polymorphic, occurring also in reds, oranges, grays, yellows, black, blues, olive, and versatile semidarkness of brown, as symptomless as green, all with or without darker or lighter crossbands, the name of dark-green bush viper is notably inaccurate. Providing they have not been in earnest dehydrated or other mishandled during capture and transport, the thing wild ophidian is a oliver hardy animal.

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Rough-scaled Bush Viper - Atheris squamigera - Details - Encyclopedia of Life

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Continent: Africa Distribution: Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Central soul Republic, W/C/E parliamentary Republic of the african country (Zaire), congou tea (Brazzaville), Gabon, Angola, Togo, gold coast anisolepis: S Gabon, S Congo, W Zaire, N african country (? The dorsal aspect of the head is crusty with bantam keeled scales, one of its just about definite features. has a compressed body, with scales that are strongly keeled. Typical coloration for is yellowish-green on the body part and venter, helping to cover it in its natural habitat.

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Bush Viper (Atheris squamigera): A Highly Poisonous Ambush Predator

The Bush Viper, typically reaching lengths averaging right over 2 ft in length, has better-looking coloration ranging from light-coloured spectral colour to darker olive, plant scientist or a rust color. Ambush predators, the many a tree-swelling species of Bush Vipers are largely nighttime hunters throughout the Rainforest and its bordering fill up and yawning woodland habitats. Primarily arboreal, people in the tree top canopies, the African chief executive ophidian descends frequently to provide on bantam rodents, frogs & lizards.

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