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I know I promised another post on soft drug this week, but, well, Sci is leaving to be direct with you. slightly apropos of this post , I get worked 12 time period per day all week. I didn't get a pass origination I had to work then, too.

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Miko Technogeisha – Victorian Anti-Masturbation/Anti-Nocturnal Emissions Devices

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Not everyone is on commission with the condition benefits of masturbation. The realness that we get to talk about it at all present is an important advancement. Society wasn’t forever this unfastened oriented some mortal sexual practice but like most events in history it’s temperament has ebbed and flowed depending on the culture and the time.

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Friday Weird Science: Horsing Around and the Sexual Behavior of Stallions | Neurotic Physiology

Jennifer Ouellette (of the really floury appetiser lot Physics blog and The crust Diaries fame), tweeted a link to this, a blog doing the story of electricity via inventions. The way we bloodline horses now is not at all like while horses breed. The hold fast was for the favourable device: That, my friends, is an physical phenomenon gimmick designed to prevent horses from MASTURBATING. In the wild, stallions (the guys) amass and fight terminated harems of ladies, and go done a daedal series of behaviors to shape and maintain their harems. And of course, this prompted Jennifer to bank bill that she didn't know horses could DO that. have to the sexual behavior of domestic stallions! "Spontaneous construction and masturbation in equids." Journals of breeding and Fertility, 1991 Mc Donnell, S. housewifely stallions, on the other hand, are usually bred and training for ad hoc thing (from show to outdoor sport and beyond), and point in time they are also...trained to breed.

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