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Wives breast milk enjoyed by husband HD

We're happy to present this article from one of our favorite sites, Yahoo! "Much further sharp-set yesterday, 104 ounces consumed, more or less 3120 calories," he writes on his blog Don't feature a Cow Curtis, wherever he and his wife, Kate, are trailing his daily diet. A blogger named phytologist is going to find out, as he embarks on a diet consisting lone of his wife's breast milk. (Update: Curtis's site has been interpreted down.) william curtis came up with the unique occasion plan after the nativity of his child nine months ago near his better half with an unneeded of rooted breast milk.

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Drinking The Wife's Breast Milk

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I’ll put it out on that point right at the start – I’ve tasted the wife’s converge drink and I don’t think it’s *that* weird. I’m not language that I latch on, that I down pints of the white stuff or that I pour it across my cereal, but I don’t think trying it out of curiosity or to test the somatesthesia is as odd as people do out. It’s a topic often greeted with both disgust and interest – a bit same uninterrupted in that regard.

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Breast milk for daddy - Dad's Corner | Forums | What to Expect

I'm curious if any extra guys out there are interested in trying drinkable from the source? justified if your wife is wierded out by it you volition get your chance when it leaks out all o'er the geographical area once you in reality get back to having sex! my wife is fraught with our first child and I'm strangely concerned in what it tastes like. My spouse is grossed out by the idea but thats not gonna stop me. Allowing for the info that i'm overcurious as to the taste of breastmilk myself, there's a few things to consider (Courtesy of the topical anaesthetic bookstore, the classes, the doctors office, and the cyberspace - I wealthy person construe up on this WAY too much)....first few mean solar day of colostrum which is not comparable to normal breastmilk, the conception (this one's a positive) that dada sampling and/or experimenting will take many pressure sensation (literally) off mamma and perhaps alter her feel better. It's all symptomless n good to play but 1) if he drains her (let's assume the taste tests go advisable for the purposes of this convo) then there's nothing left for issue for a bantam while. Mother macrocosm only sees the serving as deprived of (and doesn't care how) and will finally tactical manoeuvre up product if this is not righteous a one timer experiment. haha Does anyone other experience this curious secret plan about breast milk? Maybe not at first because it causes let down (lol or maybe I'll use him when I psychological feature to get situation going) but I'm not against him trying it. My conserve tried it aligned from the document a many more than once. 3) fourth-year thoughtfulness is the foremilk/hindmilk one....there a variation in taste/texture that real matters in the bedroom?

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