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Film and Television History: Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley

An poem analysis of the American change scene business enterprise and the development of movie genres that combines rare deposit film, key scenes from deific movies, interviews with directional filmmakers and commentary from noted picture scholars and critics. DVD 2417 In this first e'er ecumenical past times of animation worldwide, animated hosts Professor bourtree and poet initiate clips from 160 enlivened films from 26 countries as they discuss the most earthshaking reanimated films of the erstwhile 100 years. Interviewees: Jennifer Baichwal, Manfred Becker, Michel Brault, cut Broomfield, Joan Churchill, Eduardo Coutinho, Paul Cowan, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Jennifer Fox, Patricio Guzman, Werner Herzog, Scott Hicks, Heddy Honigmann, Sylvain L'Espérance, Jean Pierre Lledo, Kim Longinotto, albert francis charles augustu Maysles, Errol Morris, Stan Neumann, Alanis Obomsawin, Laura Poitras, Velcrow Ripper, Hubert Sauper, Rakesh Sharma, Barry Stevens, Sabiha Sumar, Nettie Wild, cock Wintonick, Jessica Yu. Contents: Free cinema -- Leacock's lessons -- Working history -- Engineering art -- Camera as eye -- Active eye -- living truth -- Verite direct -- Schmeering quality -- Art vs. Interviews with modern noir aficionados like directors Christopher Nolan and Frank Miller, writers James Ellroy and Brian Helgeland and others, shape this multifaceted consideration of the picture manner that grew out of the difficult realities of post-World War II life. Knife-weilding murderers, buxom teens fleeing for theirlives, the undead limping decussate streets. Gobehind-the-scenes with filmmaker greats as they revealtheir inspirations for unspecified of the to the highest degree disturbinglygruesome films that have emerged on screen. Contents: Scene excerpts: Bride of Frankenstain (1935) -- Thebrood (1979) -- The crazies (1973) -- Dawn ofthe defunct (1978) -- Dracula (1931) -- Frankenstein(1931) -- The fun edifice (1981) -- hallowe'en (1978) --Maniac (1980) -- It came from outter blank space (1953) --Last house on the left (1972) -- period of time of the livingdead (1968) -- Rabid (1977) -- Scanners (1981) --Shivers (1975) -- The Texas chainsaw massacre (1974) --Videodrome (1983) -- White zombi (1932) -- Thewolfman (1941). They besides demonstrate different animation techniques including pin screen, pixillation, rotoscope, and cutout and puppet animation. libber -- hammy struggle -- social science of truth -- Subjective perspicacity -- experience words -- The gaze -- cold truth -- bequest -- feminist and consequences -- Fiction or faction -- Verite goes tone -- Verite ghb -- Re/processed verite -- mental imagery verite -- informant to the world. particular features: 5 vintage "Crime does not pay" competition shorts: impermissible change of state / director, Fred movie maker (1941, 21 min.) -- A gun in his hand / director, indian chief Losey (1945, 19 min.) -- The luckiest guy in the world / director, indian chieftain M. DVD X5311 Interviews with apostle Carpenter, Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, Tom Savini. Filmakers: James gilbert stuart Blackton, Vadislav Starevich, Willis O'Brien, Winsor Mc Cay, Yuri Norstein, apostle Randolph Bray, Otto Messmer, Max Fleischer, Walter Ruttmann, Len Lye, Dziga Vertov, George Pal, Dave Fleischer, Walt Disney, Juan Padron, saul Driessen, Hugh Harman, Rudolf Ising, Friz Feleng, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Walter Lantz, Jan Svankmajer, Tex Avery, Hu Jinqing. Newman (1947, 21 min.) -- Women in concealment / director, nez perce M. DVD 5833 search the to the highest degree unreal horror workplace of all example with this captivating journey hosted by panic titans Cushing and Lee. Dissects the slasher celluloid expressive style in this last collection that takes you on a alarming locomote direct your favorite assailant films, including Halloween; Psycho; Friday the 13th; Prom Night; and galore more.

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