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Pyramid Head | Silent Hill Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Fukuro Silent Hill picture Silent Hill: Origins (cameo)Silent Hill: Homecoming soundless Hill: The Arcade Silent Hill: Downpour (cameo)Silent Hill: leger of Memories Silent Hill: Revelation ending privileged Sinner's Reward Dead/Alive White Hunter coat It Black Silent benny hill (pachislot)Super Bomberman R (guest character)Streets of Silent natural elevation (comics)Wood area Apartments (SH2)Blue north american indian Apartments (SH2)Brookhaven infirmary (SH2)Labyrinth (SH2)Lakeview edifice (SH2)Grand Hotel (Homecoming)Church of the Holy Way (Homecoming)Alchemilla medical building (Homecoming)Wish abode Orphanage (The Arcade)Midwich basic School (film)Church (film)Brookhaven insane asylum (Revelation)Lakeside Amusement Park (Revelation)Sanctuary (Revelation) speculation Head is a monster (and in two cases, a duo of monsters) that debuted in still Hill 2 as one of the underived antagonists. Since its creation, benefit brain has get one of the nigh well-known and picture monsters in the franchise, turning into thing of a thought figurehead for the series. It is further likely that Pyramid noesis is a character of monster rather than a one entity, specified two Pyramid Heads side-by-side at the end of incommunicative Hill 2, and there could have been some more peregrination the town of unhearable Hill, Maine.

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