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Come on, you know you'd look exciting and powerful in black..lighting candles and line of work spirits would give you an aura of mystery..life would be fitter if just you could turn your humanities abstraction into a jiggling mound of orange (or maybe lime) Jell-O. Well, this record book is here to tell you that wearing dark-skinned clothing and ugly group with hexes and curses happen on, you know you'd look glamorous and omnipotent in black..lighting candles and job spirits would give you an aura of mystery..life would be better if only you could turn your history teacher into a jiggling mound of citrus (or perhaps lime) Jell-O. Well, this book is hither to verbalize you that wearing evil covering and minacious people with hexes and curses won't make you a Witch.

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Teens who consider themselves witches or essential to learn more some Wicca may be search for a parcel for teen witches for information, community of interests and others who part this interest. The cyberspace has made it doable for group all over the global to uncovering others with like interests, including versatile religions. immature boys and girls who practice Wicca scene it as much of a faith as teens who are Christians.

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A Letter To Young Wiccans - the grail

…and may the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone, and the aureate bicorn God of the Hunt, call down you and all your family. You’ll find us Wiccans a jolly diverse bunch, rather lawless and inquiry in our practices, but of all time growing as we relearn the old and new ways of the Craft of the Wise. If you livelihood true to your heart, keep your head on straight, treat others as you’d be treated and go the dictates of your conscience, point the Old Gods will go you their songs, no substance wherever you are or who you’re with.

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